City of Angles

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Susan's Visitor
2. Hidden Thoughts
3. Smooth Operator
4. Eye Contact?
5. I'm Sorry
6. Who We're Fighting With
7. Library
8. Out of Her Hands
9. Maggie's Visitor
10. Feelin' Love
11. Definitely Beeped / The Taste of A Pear
12. I Know You're There
13. Serendipitous
14. The Gift of Free Will / Music Unheard

15. Is This Heaven? / Inconceivable
16. I Just Know
17. Seth Falls
18. New Sensations / Where's Maggie?
19. Hard Knocks
20. We Fit Together
21. Spreading Their Wings
22. The Accident
23. What She Liked Best
24. Life Carries on (I Grieve)
25. A Breath, A Kiss, A Touch / For The Tasting
26. Dedication (Uninvited)
27. End Credits

Total Time: 59:49

Score Composed and Produced by Gabriel Yared
Conducted by Harry Rabinowitz
Orchestrated by Gabriel Yared and John Bell
Edited by Robert Randles
Recorded and mixed by Paul Hulme, Keith Grant and Ben Georgiades
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Music Score coordinator: Ling Ling Li

"I Grieve" written and performed by Peter Gabriel
"Uninvited" written and performed by Alanis Morissette