Titles Ensemble / Orchestra Artists Lengths
Francis Haines (1)
Split Seconds**1/2 (with Stephen Parsons) 42:36 Milan
Howard Hanson (2)
Piano Sonata / Poemes erotiques 75:39 Naxos
Symphony No. 1 / Merry Mount Suite 60:56 Naxos
John Harbison (5)
Cello Suite Matt Haimovitz DG
String Quartet No. 2    (1987) Emerson String Quartet DG
Four Songs of Solitude / Variations / Twilight Music 52:58 Naxos
Richard Hartley
The Lion in Winter The Slovak Radio Orchestra and Chorus Allan Wilson Varese Sarabande Records
Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Sinfonie Nr. 1 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 26:44 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 2 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 15:27 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 3 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 30:25 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 4 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 33:07 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 5 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 16:15 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 6 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 22:50 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 7 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 30:10 EMI
Sinfonie Nr. 8 Bemberger Symphoniker Ingo Metzmacher 25:57 EMI
Hans Werner Henze
Capriccio per violoncello solo Matt Haimovitz DG
Memories from Cimarron Leo Brouwer, guitar DG
Sinfonia N. 9 Berliner Philharmoniker Ingo Metzmacher 55:35 EMI

Bernard Herrmann 伯納赫曼(43)

Concert Works
Souvenirs de Voyage (for clarinet & string quartet) Lyric Art Quartet 28:45

Varese Sarabande Records

Echoes (String Quartet) The Texas Festival Quartet 20:24 Varese Sarabande Records
Sinfonietta (for string orchestra)    (1935) Berlin Symphony Orchestra Isaiah Jackson 17:30 KOCH
Prelude for Piano    (1935) 1:53 KOCH
Hangover Square (Concerto Macabre for Piano and Orchestra)    (1944) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra James Sedares 10:53 KOCH
Wuthering Heights**** Pro Arte Orchestra

the Elizabethan Singers

the Composer 187:50 Unicorn-Kanchana
Currier and Ives    (1935) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra James Sedares KOCH
For the Fallen    (1943) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra James Sedares KOCH
 Silent Noon    (1975) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra James Sedares KOCH
Film Works
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver**** 大小人國遊記 RSNO Joel McNeely 49:58

Varese Sarabande Records

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad**** 辛巴達奇航記 RSNO Joel McNeely 58:46

Varese Sarabande Records

Anna and the King of Siam***1/2 the Composer 64:40

Varese Sarabande Records

Battle of Neretva*** London Philharmonic Orchestra the Composer 35:02 Southern Cross Records
Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef 20th Century Fox Orchestra the Composer Film Score Monthly
Bernard Herrmann  Classic Fantasy Film Scores***1/2 the Composer 72:26 Cloud Nine Records
Bernard Herrmann Film Music: The Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers****1/2 London Philharmonic Orchestra the Composer 46:41 Decca Records
Bernard Herrmann: The Film Scores Los Angeles Philharmonic Esa-Pekka Salonen Sony Classical
Bernard Herrmann Film Scores**** Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Elmer Bernstein 69:44 Milan
Bernard Herrmann at Fox, Vol.1*** the Composer 74:25 Varese Sarabande Records
Bernard Herrmann - Great Film Music**** National Philharmonic Orchestra the Composer 72:04 Decca Records
Bernard Herrmann - Music from Great Film Classics**** London Philharmonic Orchestra

 National Philharmonic Orchestra

the Composer 68:11 Decca Records
The CBS Years Vol. 1: The Westerns the Composer 68:51 Prometheus
The CBS Years Vol. 2: American Gothic the Composer 69:22 Prometheus
Cape Fear*** 恐怖角 Elmer Bernstein 43:10 MCA Records
Citizen Kane**** 大國民 Australian Philharmonic Orchestra Tony Bremner 43:24


Citizen Kane**** 大國民 RSNO Joel McNeely 53:01

Varese Sarabande Records

Citizen Kane-The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Hermann***** National Philharmonic Orchestra Charles Gerhardt 52:05 BMG / RCA Victor
The Day the Earth Stood Still***1/2 the Composer 36:02 Fox Records
The Day the Earth Stood Still***1/2 RSNO Joel McNeely 38:45

Varese Sarabande Records

The Devil and Daniel Webster (suite) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra James Sedares 20:01 KOCH
Fahrenheit 451*** 華氏451 Seattle Symphony Orchestra Joel McNeely 34:18

Varese Sarabande Records

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir*** 幽靈與未亡人 the Composer 50:53

Varese Sarabande Records

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir*** 幽靈與未亡人 (Re-recording) Elmer Bernstein 41:41

Varese Sarabande Records

It's Alive 2**   the Composer 36:44 Silva Screen Records
Jane Eyre**** Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Adriano 68:15 Marco Polo
Jane Eyre*** (with Laura by Raksin) the Composer 64:33 Fox Records
Joy In the Morning*** the Composer 46:33 Film Score Monthly
Magnificent Ambersons Australian Philharmonic Orchestra Tony Bremner 50:32 Preamble
Marnie*** 艷賊 RSNO Joel McNeely 50:41

Varese Sarabande Records

Mysterious Island***  the Composer 42:30

Cloud Nine Records

Night Digger (Scenario Macabre for String Orchestra) the Composer 38:15 Label X
North by Northwest**** 北西北 The MGM Studio Orchestra the Composer 64:25 Turner Entertainment
North by Northwest***1/2 北西北 (Re-recording) London Studio Symphony Orchestra Laurie Johnson 36:52

Varese Sarabande Records

Psycho***** 驚魂記 National Philharmonic Orchestra the Composer 58:16 Unicorn-Kanchana
Psycho***** 驚魂記 RSNO Joel McNeely 60:53 Varese Sarabande Records
Sisters**1/2 the Composer 42:07 Southern Cross Records
Taxi Driver***1/2 計程車司機 the Composer 31:22 Arista Records
Taxi Driver**** 計程車司機  (1998 album) the Composer 61:33 Arista Records
The Trouble with Harry***1/2 RSNO Joel McNeely 43:09

Varese Sarabande Records

The Twilight Zone*** 陰陽魔界 Joel McNeely 1:46:34

Varese Sarabande Records

Vertigo***1/2 迷魂記 the Composer 65:03 Varese Sarabande Records
Vertigo***** 迷魂記 (Re-Recording) RSNO Joel McNeely 63:21 Varese Sarabande Records
Paul Hindemith
Cello Sonata, Op. 25 No. 3 Matt Haimovitz DG
Concerto for Orchestra, Op. 38 Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Konzertmusik, Op. 49 Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Symphony  "Mathis der Maler" Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Symphonic Dances Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Theme and Variations  "The Four Temperaments" Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Carl Maria von Weber Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Ballet Overture  "Amor und Psyche" Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Symphony  "Die Harmonie der Welt" Berliner Philharmoniker the Composer DG
Joe Hisaishi 久石讓(1)
Princess Mononoke**** 魔法公主 59:33

Milan Entertainment

Nellee Hooper(1)

Romeo+Juliet***1/2 羅密歐與茱麗葉


Capitol Records

Lee Holdridge(4)
Kaan Principe Guerriero*** 45:07 CAM Original Soundtrack
The Long Way Home***1/2 40:28 Prometheus
Old Gringo***1/2 42:28 GNP
The Mists of Avalon**** 73:32 Varese Sarabande Records
Arthur Honegger 奧內格 (3)
Les Misérables 59:00 Naxos
Musiques de Films & de Scene 68:04 Disques du Solstice
Symphony No. 3 / Pacific 231 / Pastorale d'ete / Rugby 65:04 Naxos

James Horner 詹姆斯霍納(40)

A Beautiful Mine*** 美麗境界 71:09 Decca Records
Aliens (The Deluxe Edition) *** 異形二 75:44 Varese Sarabande Records
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius 63:26

Varese Sarabande Records

Apollo 13**** 阿波羅十三



Beyond Borders**** 55:35

Varese Sarabande Records

Brainstorm*** 30:21 Varese Sarabande Records

Braveheart***** 英雄本色


The Decca Records Company

Balto*** 雪地靈犬 53:31 MCA Records
Class Action**1/2 32:22

Varese Sarabande Records

Cocoon**1/2 魔繭二 53:59

Varese Sarabande Records

Courage Under Fire*** 火線勇氣


Angel Records

Deep Impact*** 彗星撞地球


Sony Music Classical

Field of Dreams*** 夢田 50:29 Novus/RCA
The Forgotten ** 59:29

Varese Sarabande Records

The Four Feathers***1/2 關鍵時刻 79:20 Sony Classical
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday*** 37:11 Epic Soundtrx
Glory***1/2 光榮戰役 43:15 Virgin Records America
Gorky Park*** 高爾基公園 36:05 Varese Sarabande Records
Iris*** 長路將盡 49:58 Sony Classical
Krull**** 93:17 Super Tracks
Legends of the Fall***** 真愛一世情 75:13 Sony Music Classical
The Man Without a Face*** 45:46 Philips

The Mask of Zorro**** 蒙面俠蘇落


Sony Music Classical

The Missing**** 77:35 Sony Classical / Sony Music Soundtrax
The New World the Composer New Line Records
Once Upon A Forest***1/2 67:72 Fox Records/RCA Records
The Pagemaster*** 63:18 Fox Records
Patriot Games Milan
Ransom Hollywood
Red Heat Virgin
The Perfect Storm*** 天搖地動 79:03

Sony Music Classical

Searching for Bobby Fischer*** 49:39 Giant Records
Sneakers*** 神鬼尖兵 48:29 Columbia Records
The Spitfire Grill**** 50:14 Sony Classical

Star Trek III-The Search For Spock**** 石破天驚


GNP Crescends Records

Star Trek II-The Wrath of Khan**** 星際大怒吼


GNP Crescends Records

Thunderheart*** 44:01 Intrada

Titanic***** 鐵達尼號


Sony Music Classical

Where the River Runs Black** 黑河來的孩子 45:13 Varese Sarabande Records
Willow**** 風雲際會 73:10 Virgin Records America
Alan Hovhaness (1)
Symphony No. 22 / Cello Concerto 60:49 Naxos

James Newton Howard 詹姆斯紐頓霍華(17)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire***1/2 失落的帝國 54:07 Walt Disney Records

Dante's Peak (theme)*** 天崩地裂


Varese Sarabande Records

Dave**** 冒牌總統 35:28

Giant / Big Screen Records

Dinosaur**** 恐龍


Walt Disney Records

The Fugitive*** 絕命追殺令


Warner Music

Hidalgo***1/2 45:40 Hollywood
Intersection** 致命交叉點 39:17 Milan
Just Cause Varèse Sarabande Records

One Fine Day*** 一日鍾情


Sony Music Entertainment

Peter Pan***1/2 44:31 Varese Sarabande Records
Restoration**** 復興時代 61:37 Milan
Snow Falling on Cedars**** 67:29 Decca
Treasure Planet*** 星銀島 54:51 Walt Disney Records
Unbreakable*** 驚心動魄 45:31 Hollywood Records
The Village **** 42:29 Hollywood Records

Waterworld**1/2 水世界


MCA Records

Wyatt Earp*** 執法悍將 60:25 Warner Bros. Records
Herbert Howells
King's Herald LSO Richard Hickox 4:24 Chandos (241-20)
Paradise Rondel, Op. 40 LSO Richard Hickox 9:34 Chandos (241-20)
Fantasia LSO Richard Hickox 17:24 Chandos (241-20)
Threnody LSO Richard Hickox 9:05 Chandos (241-20)
Pastoral Rhapsody LSO Richard Hickox 12:19 Chandos (241-20)
Procession, Op. 36 LSO Richard Hickox 4:37 Chandos (241-20)
The B's, Op. 13 LSO Richard Hickox 32:18 Chandos (241-20)
Three Dances, Op. 7 LSO Richard Hickox 14:30 Chandos (241-20)
In Green Ways, Op. 43 LSO Richard Hickox 18:12 Chandos (241-20)