Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Complete Motion Picture Score

DISC ONE (46:59)

01. The Phantom (unused version)
02. The Dreams Hold the Key
03. Lifeform Search - Surrounded by Phantoms - The Rescue
04. Barrier City #42 (New York City), film version
05. Code Red
06. 'It's All Right.'
07. Sixth Spirit - Dr. Sid
08. The Second Dream (alternative version)
09. Council Meeting
10. A Child Recalled, original version
11. Hein Command Room, film version
12. The Third Dream
13. The Serpents
14. Flight to the Wasteland, film version - The Survivor
15. Battle on Tucson Wasteland
16. The Fourth Dream
17. An Incident - Hein's Plan, film version
18. Music for Dialogues
19. The Fifth Dream, Part I
20. 'This Is Our Evidence.'
21. The Fifth Dream, Part II (Death of the Planet)
22. Waking
23. Hein - The Arrest - Phantoms Explained

DISC TWO (62:18)

01. Security Breach - Entrada, film version
02. Incoming - Winged Serpent, film version - Rough Riders
03. The Bandits - Barrier City Reprise - The Retrieve - The Raid - Dead Rain, film version - Escape
04. The Kiss, original version
05. Unpleasant Character, original version
06. Dr. Sid's Plan - (Hein's Return, The Ruse), film version
07. Hein's Return Reprise - (The Phantom, Zeus Fires), film version
08. The Eighth Spirit - Emergency Landing - Hitting It Again - Not a Good Place to Be - Earth Gaia - System Overload
09. Alien Gaia - 'Death Isn't the End.' (Adagio And Transfiguration), film version
10. The Dream Within
11. Race To Old New York, unused version
12. Toccata and Dreamscapes (album edit)
13. A Child Recalled (with vocal), unused version





Music Composed by Elliot Goldenthal
Music Produced by Teese Gohl for Gohl/Mclaughlin and Elliot Goldenthal
Performed by London Symphony Orchestra & London Voices
Conducted by Dirk Brosse
Orchestrated by Robert Elhai and Elliot Goldenthal
Recorded and Mixed by Joel Iwataki
Electronic Music Produced by Richard Martinez
Music Edited by Curtis Roush
Addtional Engineering & Editing by Lawrence Manchester
Mastering by Vlado Meller, Sony, New York
Music Preparation by Vic Fraser
Vocals by Lara Fabian
Flute Solos by Dave Heath
Additional Transcriptions by Winfried Kraus
Music Recorded at Watford Colosseum & Air Lyndhurst, London
Music Mixed at Manhattan Center Studios, New York