Total:  671



Alejandro Amenabar (1)

The Others***1/2 神鬼第六感


Sony Classical

Angelo Badalamenti (1)
Arlington Road*** 67:54

Will Records

Craig Armstrong (1)
The Quiet American**** 48:04

Varese Sarabande Records

David Arnold 大衛阿諾(8)

Enough*** 44:38

Varese Sarabande Records

Independence Day**** ID4星際終結者


BMG Entertainment

Musketeer*** 三劍客 49:11 Decca

Stargate**** 星際奇兵


Milan Entertainment

Tomorrow Never Dies**** 明日帝國


A & M Records

Tomorrow Never Dies**** 明日帝國 (Score + Interview)


Chapter III

The World is Not Enough*** 縱橫天下


MCA Records

The Young Americans*** (Songs + Score) 44:27 Island Records
Luis Bacalov (1)
The Postman (Il Postino)**** 郵差 68:14 Miramax / Hollywood Records
Klaus Badelt (2)
Invincible*** (co-wrote with Hans Zimmer) 47:41 Media Ventures / Milan Entertainment
The Time Machine***1/2 時光機器 57:37

Varese Sarabande Records

John Barry 約翰貝瑞(17)

Body Heat**** 體熱 38:36 Varese Sarabande Records
Born Free**** 獅子與我 53:35

Varese Sarabande Records

Chaplin***1/2 49:35 Epic Sountrax

Dances with Wolves***** 與狼共舞


Sony Music Entertainment

Enigma*** 56:59 Decca / UMG / Intermadia
The Lion in Winter***** 冬之獅 36:22 Legacy/Columbia.
The Living Daylights**** 黎明生機 65:13 Rykodisc
Moviola II: Action and Adventure 63:40

Sony Music Entertainment

Octopussy**** 巴爪女 37:16 Rykodisc

Out of Africa***** 遠離非洲


MCA Records

Out of Africa***** 遠離非洲 (re-recording)


Varese Sarabande Records

Ruby Cairo**** 46:35 Prometheus Records

Somewhere In Time***** 似曾相似


MCA Records

Swept from the Sea*** 62:01 London
Walkabout  (including other John Barry's film score) 65:46

Silva Screen Records

The Whisperers***1/2 瘋狂世家 32:03 Rykodisc
Zulu and Other Themes ***1/2 62:46

Silva Screen Records

Elmer Bernstein 艾默伯恩斯坦(9)

The Age Of Innocence**** 純真年代 64:25 Epic Soundtrax
Far From Heaven**** 46:22

Varese Sarabande Records

Frankie Starlight***1/2 愛在星空下


Varese Sarabande Records

The Great Escape*1/2 大逃亡 33:20 Rykodisc
Kings Go Forth / Some Came Running*** 77:09

Silva Screen Records

To Kill A Mockingbird**** 梅崗城的故事 41:59

Varese Sarabande Records

Marie Ward***1/2 48:40

Varese Sarabande CD Club

Return of the Magnificent Seven***1/2 34:54 Ryko

Wild Wild West*** 飆風戰警


Varese Sarabande Records

Bruce Broughton(1)
The Rescuers Down Under*** 45:00 Walt Disney Records
Justin Caine Burnett(1)
Dungeons & Dragons***1/2 神龍傳奇 76:46 New Line Records
Carter Burwell(2)
The Chamber*** 終極審判 45:24 Varese Sarabande Records
Rob Roy**1/2 赤膽豪情 51:58 Virgin
Wendy Carlos(1)
Tron*** 電子世界爭霸戰 58:59 Walt Disney Records

Gary Chang 張蓋瑞(華裔)(1)

The Island of Dr. Moreau***1/2 攔截人魔島


Milan Entertainment

Burkhard Dallwitz(1)

The Truman Show**** 楚門的世界


Milan Entertainment

Shaun Davey(1)
The Tailor of Panama***1/2 驚爆危機 48:48

Varese Sarabande Records

Don Davis(3)
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever**1/2 出奇制勝 68:52

Varese Sarabande Records

The Matrix Reloaded**** 41:33 Maverick Records
The Matrix Revolutions**** 63:30 Maverick Records

John Debney(7)

Cutthroat Island**** 割喉島


Silva Screen Records

Dragonfly*** 鬼胎記 31:19

Varese Sarabande Records

End of Days*** 魔鬼末日 40:15

Varese Sarabande Records

Paulie**1/2 阿鷹愛說笑 29:36

Varese Sarabande Records

The Princess Diaries*** 麻雀變公主 30:34 Walt Disney Music Company
Relative Values***1/2 40:08

Silva Screen Records

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf**** 白牙二 52:13 Promotional Release
Georges Delerue 喬治德列呂(1)
Amazing Storeis***1/2 驚異傳奇 (Dorothy and Ben) 41:29 Varese Sarabande Records
Klaus Doldinger(1)
The Never Ending Story**** 大魔域 36:46 EMI
Patrick Doyle(16)
Carlito's Way*** 角頭風雲 41:32

Varese Sarabande Records

Dead Again**** 在續前世情 31:39

Varese Sarabande Records

Donnie Brasco**1/2 驚天爆 37:06

Varese Sarabande Records

East-West**** 53:39 Sony Classical
Gosford Park*** 迷霧莊園 51:09 Decca
Great Expectations**** 烈愛風雲 50:22 Atlantic Recording Corporation
Hamlet*** 76:25 Sony Classical
Henry V**** 亨利五世 59:18 EMI Records
Indochine**** 印度支那 52:15

Varese Sarabande Records

Love's Labour's Lost**** 迷失的愛 58:13 Sony Classical
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein*** 瑪莉雪萊之科學怪人 69:55 Epic Soundtrax / Sony Music
Mrs. Winterbourne***1/2 1996麻雀變鳳凰 33:07

Varese Sarabande Records

Much Ado about Nothing**** 都是男人惹的禍 59:02 Epic Soundtrax
Needful Things*** 勾魂遊戲 60:16

Varese Sarabande Records

Sense and Sensibility**** 理性與感性 42:57 Sony Classical
Une Femme Francaise***1/2 37:50 WEA

Cliff Eidelman(1)

One True Thing 32:36

Varese Sarabande Records

Star Trek VI-The Undiscovered Country*** 未知國度


MCA Records

Randy Edelman 蘭迪艾德曼(7)

Daylight***1/2 十萬火急


MCA Records

Diabolique*** 49:15 Edel

Dragonheart**** 魔龍傳奇


MCA Records

Gods and Generals**** (co-wrote with John Frizzell) 62:10 Sony Classical

The Last of the Mohicans***** 大地英豪


Morgan Creek Music Croup

While You Were Sleeping***1/2 二見鍾情


Varese Sarabande Records

xXx***1/2 37:03 Varese Sarabande Records
Stephen Endelman(1)
Bride of the Wind**** 78:02 Universal Classics Group

Danny Elfman 丹尼葉夫曼(10)

Black Beauty**** 神駒黑美人 49:30 Giant Records

Edward Scissorhands***** 愛德華剪刀手


MCA Records

The Frighteners*** 神通鬼大


MCA Records

Man In Black - The Score*** MIB星際戰警


Sony Music Entertainment

Man In Black II*** MIB星際戰警二 53:31

Sony Music Entertainment

Mission: Impossible** 不可能的任務


Point Music

Planet of the Apes*** 58:29 Sony Clasical
Proof of Life***1/2 千驚萬險 30:15

Varese Sarabande Records

Sommersby**** 男兒本色 50:57 Elektra Entertainment
Spider-man***1/2 蜘蛛人 45:02 Columbia / Sony Music Soundtrax
George Fenton 喬治芬頓(4)
The Blue Planet**** 藍色星球 55:14 BBC / KOCH
Dangerous Beauty**** 絕代寵妓 67:12 Restless
Mary Reilly*** 45:29 Sony Classical
Memphis Belle***1/2 英烈的歲月 44:15

Varese Sarabande Records

Nick Glennie-Smith 尼克葛蘭尼史密斯(4)

Attila*** 74:24 Super Tracks

Home Alone 3*** (one score cue) 小鬼當家 3



Hollywood Records

The Man In the Iron Mask**** 鐵面人



The Rock (theme: Hans Zimmer, co-wrote with Nick  Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Willams)*** 絕地任務 60:22 Hollywood Records

Harry Gregson-Williams 哈瑞奎克森威廉斯(12)

Antz***1/2 小蟻雄兵 (co-wrote with John Powell)


Angel Records

The Borrowers***1/2


Mojo Rrax

Chicken Run**** 落跑雞 (co-wrote with John Powell) 62:33 RCA Victor

Enemy of State**1/2 全民公敵 (co-wrote with Trevor Rabin)


Hollywood Records

The Replacement Killers**1/2 替身殺手


Varese Sarabande Records

The Rock*** 絕地任務 (two themes by Hans Zimmer, co-wrote with Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Willams) 60:22 Hollywood Records
The Rundown*** 44:32 Varese Sarabande Records
Shrek*** 史瑞克 (co-wrote with John Powell) 44:28

Varese Sarabande Records

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas***1/2 64:52 DreamWorks

Smilla's Sense of Snow**1/2 (co-wrote with Hans Zimmer)

54:50 Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
Spy Game***1/2 間諜遊戲 71:36 Decca

The Whole Wide World***1/2 深情無盡


Mojo Music

Harold Faltermeyer(1)

Top Gun*** 捍衛戰士


Sony Music Entertainment

John Frizzell(2)

Dante's Peak (theme)*** 天崩地裂


Varese Sarabande Records

Gods and Generals**** (co-wrote with Randy Edelman) 62:10 Sony Classical
Philip Glass 菲利浦葛拉斯(1)
The Hours**** 時時刻刻 57:41 Nonesuch

Elliot Goldenthal 艾略特高登索(7)

A Time to Kill*** 37:17 Atlantic
Batman Forever***1/2 44:24 Atlantic
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within**** 56:38 Sony Classical
Frida***1/2 揮灑烈愛 52:47 dg

Interview with the Vampire***1/2 夜訪吸血鬼


Geffen Records

Michael Collins*** 豪情本色


Atlantic Classics

Titus**** 61:55 Sony Classical

Jerry Goldsmith 傑瑞高德史密斯(103)

100 Rifles*** 77:11 Film Score Monthly
The 13th Warrior**** 終極奇兵 54:58 Varese Sarabande Records
Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies*** 71:37 Film Score Monthly

Air Force One*** 空軍一號


Varese Sarabande Records

Alien**** 異形


Silva Screen
Along Came A Spider*** 全面追緝令 35:01

Varese Sarabande Records

Angie*** 一往情深


Varese Sarabande Records

Bad Girls*** 致命女人香 39:14 Fox Records
The Ballad of Cable Hogue*** 35:44

Varese Sarabande CD Club

Basic Instinct**** 第六感追緝令


Varese Sarabande Records

The Blue Max**** 藍鰴特攻隊 62:45

Sony Music Entertainment

Breakout*** 40:02 Prometheus Records
Cassandra Crossing*** 35:06 RCA
Christus Apollo***1/2 51:21 Telarc

Chain Reaction**1/2 連鎖反應


Varese Sarabande Records

The Challenge*** 60:27 Prometheus Records
Chinatown**** 唐人街 31:12

Varese Sarabande Records

City Hall**1/2 檔案風暴 30:02

Varese Sarabande Records

Congo*** 剛果 33:39 Epic Soundtrax
Contract on Cherry Street**** 47:20 Prometheus Records
Criminal Law**1/2 犯罪本色 31:01

Varese Sarabande Records

Damien: Omen II*** (The Deluxe Edition) 68:35 Varese Sarabande Records
Deep Rising** 32:23 Hollywood Recrods

Dennis the Menace*** 淘氣阿丹


Big Screen Records

The Edge*** 1997勢不兩立


BMG Entertainment

Executive Decision**1/2 747絕地悍將

29:37 Varese Sarabande Records
Explorers*** 41:49

Varese Sarabande Records

Fierce Creatures*** 偷雞摸狗


Varese Sarabande Records

The Film-Flam Man*** / A Girl Named Sooner*** 63:43 Film Score Monthly
The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith**** 69:13 Telarc®
The Final Conflict***1/2 天魔第三集 48:52

Varese Sarabande Records

The Final Conflict****1/2 天魔第三集 (The Deluxe Edition) 62:42

Varese Sarabande Records

First Blood**** 第一滴血  


Varese Sarabande Records

First Knight***1/2 第一武士


Sony Music Entertainment

Forever Young***1/2 今生有約


Big Screen Records

Freud*** 佛洛伊德 32:47 Tsunami

The Ghost and The Darkness**** 暗夜獵殺


Hollywood Records

Goldsmith conducts Goldsmith**** 71:06 Silva America
Gremlins**** 小精靈   31:06 Geffen Records
Gremlins 2: The New Batch*** 小精靈二 39:28

Varese Sarabande Records

The Haunting***1/2 鬼入侵

35:08 Varese Sarabande Records
Hollow Man**1/2 透明人 51:31

Varese Sarabande Records

Hoosiers**** 火爆教頭草地兵 39:42 PolyGram Records
The Illustrated Man*** 42:02 Film Score Monthly
In Like Flint*** / Our Man Flint*** 59:35

Varese Sarabande Records

Island in the Stream***  50:49 Intrada
King Solomon's Mines*** 老天發威 60:09 Intrada
The Last Castle*** 判將風雲 43:08 Decca

L.A. Confidential**** 鐵面特警隊


Varese Sarabande Records

The Last Run***1/2 / Wild Rovers***1/2 62:47 Chapter III Records

Legend***1/2 黑魔王

70:50 Silva Screen Records

Leviathan**** 異變


Varese Sarabande Records

Lilies of the Field*** 32:41 Tsunami
Lionheart**** 所向無敵 63:05

Varese Sarabande Records

Logan's Run***1/2 我不能死 74:18 Film Score Monthly
Logan's Run***1/2 我不能死 / Coma**1/2 八號房禁地 77:20 Chapter III Records
Lonely Are the Brave*** 48:11 Tsunami
Masada**** 37:27

Varese Sarabande Records

Malice**1/2 體熱邊緣 33:35

Varese Sarabande Records

Medicine Man***1/2 燃燒的天堂


Varese Sarabande Records

The Mephisto Waltz*** / The Other***1/2 55:57

Varese Sarabande Records

Mom and Dad Save the World 40:34 Varese Sarabande Records

Mulan***1/2 花木蘭


Walt Disney Music Company

The Mummy**** 神鬼傳奇


Night Crossing**** 47:53 Intrada
Night Crossing****1/2 (Limited Edition) 59:23 Intrada
The Omen***** 天魔 35:07 Varese Sarabande Records
The Omen***** 天魔 (The Deluxe Edition) 49:23 Varese Sarabande Records
The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Collection**** 02:18:08

Silva Screen Records

Outland**1/2 / Capricorn One*** 78:34 GNP / Crescendo Records
The Patch of Blue**** 藍補釘 31:48 Intrada
Papillon***1/2 惡魔島 35:19 Silva Screen Records
Patton / Tora! Tora! Tora!**** 巴頓將軍/虎!虎!虎! 46:52

Varese Sarabande Records

Planet of the Apes*** 浩劫餘生 67:28

Varese Sarabande Records

Police Story*** 53:47 Prometheus Records

Poltergeist*** 鬼哭神嚎 (1997 re-released)


Turner Entertainment

Powder*** 閃電奇蹟


Hollywood Records

QB VII*** 35:22

Varese Sarabande Records

Rambo: First Blood Part II*** 第一滴血 2


Varese Sarabande Records

Rambo: First Blood Part II**** (Expanded Edition) 第一滴血 2 60:12 Silva America

The River Wild***驚濤駭浪


BMG Entertainment

Rudy**** 追夢赤子心


Varese Sarabande Records

The Russia House***** 俄羅斯大廈


MCA Records

The Sand Pebbles***1/2 42:38

Varese Sarabande Records

Sci-Fi Classics: Frontiers**** 47:40

Varese Sarabande Records

The Secret of N.I.M.H**** 49:00

Varese Sarabande Records

The Shadow**** 魅影魔星


Arista Records

Sleeping with the Enemy***1/2 與敵人共枕 41:31

Sony Music Entertainment/Columbia

Star Trek***** 星艦迷航記


Sony Music Entertainment

Star Trek V-The Final Frontier**** 終極先鋒 42:22 CBS Records

Star Trek-First Contact***1/2 戰鬥巡航


GNP Crescends Records

Star Trek-Insurrection***1/2 星際叛變


GNP Crescends Records

Star Trek Nemesis**1/2 48:33

Varese Sarabande Records

The Sum of All Fears***1/2 恐懼的總和 49:39 Elektra
Supergirl**** 女超人 77:50 Silva Screen Records
The Swarm***1/2 72:38 Prometheus Records

Total Recall**** 魔鬼總動員


Varese Sarabande Records

Total Recall (The Deluxe Edition)***** 魔鬼總動員


Varese Sarabande Records

The Traveling Executioner*** 39:39 Film Score Monthly
Twilight Zone: The Movie**** 陰陽魔界 45:26 WEA Records Warner Music Germany GmbH
The Wind and the Lion***** 黑獅震雄風 39:03 Intrada
Under Fire***** 45:56 WEA Records Warner Music Germany GmbH

U.S. Marshals** 就地正法


Varese Sarabande Records

William Goldstein(1)
Danielle Steel's Zoya*** 69:51 New Gold Music
Christopher Gordon(2)
On the Beach***1/2 73:49

Varese Sarabande Records

When Good Ghouls Go Bad*** 53:42 Varese Sarabande Records