Music Composed, Produced and Conducted by:
Howard Shore
Co-Produced by:
Michael Tremante

Orchestrated by:
Howard Shore



Cello – Jennifer Culp
Clarinet – Mark Nuccio
Harp – Stacey Shames
Piano – Ethyl Will
Trumpet – Robert Sullivan
Viola – Henry Dutt
Violin – David Harrington, John Sherba
Vocals – Patricia Kilgarriff
Clarinet (uncredited)
Recorded by:
Jim Bruening, John Wriggle
Music Mastered by:
Jonathan Schultz
Coordinated by:
Chris Rinaman

Virgin (France)

Released Date:






 ' LOVE will find out the way - but we find that Shore immersed in the ocean of free atonality '


         我在 1996 年透過電影「絕地任務」認識到了中生代配樂家漢斯季默 (Hans Zimmer) 的配樂作品,並且深受其當下之音樂風格所吸引 (或者是說他在 Media Ventures 所建立的配樂手法與格局),也開始注意其過往及往後的作品。「戰略殺手」的官方發行原聲帶在當時由環球音樂代理進口 (美國版) 在台灣販售,而我當年是在公館的宇宙城唱片行買下這張專輯。此後的十多年的日子裡至今,儘管我心逐漸奔向古典音樂和現代音樂已久,這部配樂一直能佔有我心中的一處小角落;除了主觀上的耐聽性以外,其所塑造的印記也勾勒起自身成長的經歷,以及對當時唱片業興盛的回憶。然而,上個世紀末也是網際網路開始茁壯發展的時期,必且促成了音訊檔的四處流通以及唱片業的衰落。在這部電影發行的三年後,網路上開始可見來自於錄音室母帶的音樂檔;因此可以想見這十七年當中,季默的樂迷們也應早已聽過這張所謂的完整版配樂。然而,鑑於一個有別於「地下版」(bootleg) 原聲帶之更完善的產品設計與規劃,以加量與復刻並行模式出現的正式發行,我們大可不必去忽略眼前這張限量三千張的新版原聲帶。在古典音樂市場中,環球音樂旗下的品牌 (Deutsche Grammoph, Decca (以及併入其中的 Philips)、EMI, Warner 早已主打舊片重發 (再版:高價版 -> 中價版 -> 低價版) 的發行策略,而此風似乎也正流向原聲帶市場;與前者不同之處在於,不是所有電影音樂、所有錄製下的原創音樂都能以唱片形式出現在消費市場當中,也就是錄音不以最終發行為目的,而是成為電影作品的一部分,而電影公司也擁有錄音的版權 (樂譜有機會被出版發行)。因此,在目前原聲帶重發市場上,我們可見到從未發行的配樂錄音、收入更多、更完整原創音樂的專輯、以及較傳統的原專輯復刻;「戰略殺手」的加長版原聲帶是以大致上同步於劇情敘事的配樂與 1997 年首版原聲帶中收錄的配樂組曲組合而成,並且外加一首由不同演唱者演唱之替選曲目和此片的預告片配樂。由方才的敘述可知,一張原聲帶專輯通常不會包含所有出現在一部電影裡的所有原創和非原創音樂,而此專輯也可能收入未使用在此電影的原創音樂。漢斯季默習慣先藉由構想/概念組曲 (concept suite of ideas) 的方式來展開創作;

         In "Kitchener Street", the prolog is sensible that the theme played by piano is intertwined by the counterpoint of the Harp, which may suggest the element of the mother, and the next segment, its repetition, is then accompanied by the strings, which reveals a queer plot underneath to be disclosed. The track "Mrs. Wilkinson's Kitchen" is succinct but amusing, reflective of the dialog between the protagonist and his mother; its design, which includes three phases, can be characterized as follow: 4-2, 4-2(1 chord), 4-2, 4-1(harp) | 4-2, 8-2, 4-pause | 6-3(3 chords), 6-pause, 6-pause, 6-pause. A pair of the hyphen connecting the two numbers or a number and a word depicts a vivid dialog between the two, in which the number stands for the number of notes; the first one is the mother, while the second is the other. And, the second is even chorded, replaced by the mother, paused in the three different phases. In addition, the emotion is also rendered by the sharp and the flat.

        While, the string quartet plays the backbone for the fourth track "Gasworks"; though we can hear the recurring theme by the piano with its harp accompany and a appearance of the clarinet, they still gradually grasp the dark side of this scene, whose culmination is achieved by the overtone via these strings. The same mood continues with the next two track - "Hieroglyphics" and "Spleen Street", except that Shore produced some synthesizer sounds - including crow barkings, and a intensification of the uncanny by the trumpet for the latter. When the music moves on to the following piece, "Mrs. Cleg", we can notice that it more or less sounds like a mini string quartet ornamented by the trumpet. Then, In "The Dog & Beggar" and "The Allotments", the song was alternatey revoked by the female vocal, trumpet, and the clarinet; for the both, the clarinet has a dialog or mutual imitation between the strings and the piano, respectively, and the piano part is a variation based on Spider's theme.

        It is near the end of this album that we can hear two pieces of brighter temperament - "The Earl Of Rochester" and "Infected Memory", while we can still sense some kinds of uncertainty and pity. The last track "Fade To Black" is actually the end credit which repeats the mother's theme, the piano performance of the song, and the mini string quartet.

        The score to Spider proceeds like a chamber work, but less coheres with some concrete musical ideas, variations and layers; it spreads as an essay, but its textures engage the minds of the listeners. Still, one can perceives the vein which stretches from his "Se7en".

(Oct 26th, 2015)


Track Listings:

  1. Love Will Find Out The Way (3:20)

  2. Kitchener Street (1:21)

  3. Mrs. Wilkinson's Kitchen (0:50)

  4. Gasworks (4:20)

  5. Hieroglyphics (2:34)

  6.  Spleen Street (3:43)

  7. Mrs. Cleg (3:30)

  8. The Dog And Beggar (3:06)

  9. The Allotments (2:38)

  10. The Earl Of Rochester (3:56)

  11. Infected Memory (3:20)

  12. Fade To Black (3:31)


Total Time:   36:42